What are the Requirements to Take PCD Franchise of Pharma Company?

What are the Requirements to Take PCD Franchise of Pharma Company? – Taking up a pharmaceuticals business a good idea for starting your own venture. When it comes to huge profits, the pharmaceuticals industry is at the top. People are earning in abundance by owning a medicines business. PCD pharma franchise is a reputed way of starting your own business. If you are someone new to this venture and want to start your own business then you should know what are the requirements to take PCD franchise of Pharma Company in India.

What are the Requirements to Take PCD Franchise of Pharma Company?To start a business, you need to know the criteria of the same. The pharmaceuticals industry is very cautious of its working whether it is manufacturing or marketing. It risks the lives of the people. Thus, the government takes a special intervention and care that legal and ethical proceedings are being made the companies and their associate’s businessmen. In this post by Maksun Biotech, we share insights to know, ‘what are the requirements to take PCD franchise of Pharma Company’.

Necessities to Take PCD Pharma Franchise of a Pharmaceuticals Company

Pharma companies are bind to few ways of selecting PCD franchise members. Most of them offer monopoly rights to increase the individual sales and provide better pharma marketing services to their people. Here we discuss some common requirements quoted by the pharma franchise companies to make them their PCD franchise owner. Her take a look at the following:

Qualification & Experience in This Business

Many companies fix their criteria on an experienced and qualified person. PCD franchise owners need to have at least experience of 3 to 5 years in sales and marketing of pharma medicines and products. Some companies do not ask for many qualifications but some do. They may ask you for minimum Secondary School Certificate (SSC) or 12th pass or graduation (It is good if you are Bachelors in Pharmacy or B.Sc. in Pharma). For those who want to take pharma franchise, they should have worked on a good managerial level like district sales manager, zonal sales manager etc. Some companies ask for a sales report to check the credibility of your experience and performance over that period.

Availability of Products List and PCD Franchise Opportunities

When you choose to start a PCD franchise business, you will likely want to own a good list of medicines for sales purpose. If you desired location has different demands of the same segment or different segments then you want to negotiate with the company. If they have it on their list but cannot provide it to you then it can be an issue. Thus, you should thoroughly go through the existing demand in your location and ask the company about the availability. You can even become a specialized division PCD franchise owner like:

  • Oncology medicines
  • Diabetic range
  • Cardiovascular medicines
  • Ophthalmic Range
  • ENT Medicines
  • Gynecology medicines
  • Dental Medicines
  • Ayurvedic Range
  • Therapeutic Range like antibiotics, analgesics, anti-allergic etc
  • General Medicines etc

Investment Criteria and Minimum Requirement

You can start a PCD franchise as low as Rs 10, 000 to Rs 50, 000. These all differ company to company and their policies. Minimum order quantity and investment plans are made to meet the needs of the PCD franchise owner. If you are someone new then it is good take a good amount of saving by your side. Some companies offer credit or loan facilities to their clients of the franchise. Thus, choose a good company that offered you support through bad times of financial up-downs.

 Compulsory Requirements for Becoming a PCD Franchise Dealer

There are two things that are compulsory and very important for you to own. First is the drug license and second is the GST number (previously known as Income tax number). You need to register on both of these networks to start your own business of pharmaceuticals. Government lays st6ruict guidelines to own drug license which can be obtained from

  1. Central Drug Standard Control Organization Or
  2. State Drug Standard Control Organization

Best Pharma Company Selection for Pharma PCD Franchise Business

Everything is waste till you don’t have the support of a good company. You need to strike a good deal with a reputed pharma company. Dig its history and try to know more about their services and benefits which is good in long term business deals. Some of the good features one should always look are as follows:

  • ISO certification
  • GMP-WHO units self-owned
  • DCGI drugs list
  • Quick delivery assistance
  • Range of benefits like promotional items, incentives etc,
  • Genuine quotation prices


Further criteria or requirements differ with company policies. Maksun Biotech is the best Pharma Company in India. It offered genuine deals across India. We are ISO certified with Self owned schedule M units that provide over 300+ medicines for PCD franchise. Connect with us to know more.