Difference between Manufacturing Company and Pharma Marketing Company

Difference between Manufacturing Company and Pharma Marketing Company – The pharmaceuticals industry has been expanding its services globally. The two models- marketing and manufacturing has been a core part of it. On a global scale, we have been appreciated for our volume and tremendous growth rate. These all credits to the efficient processing and mechanism of services rendered by and to consumers PAN India. All over the nation, there are thousands of companies providing identical services. To make you confusion clear upon the difference between a manufacturing company and pharma marketing company, Maksun Biotech brings you this article.

Difference between Manufacturing Company and Pharma Marketing Company

Points of Differentiation

Heterogeneous nature of pharma companies can bring a lot of confusion to consumers who want to work in this sector. The difference between the manufacturing company and marketing company can be explained on the basis of the following parameters.

Difference in Clients

The pharma manufacturing company has to deal with the limited clients that need to manufacturing services for any therapeutics. There are limited to clients being served due to the limitation of sources. They are framed in time gaps one at a time. On the other hand, pharma marketing company works as a promoter of any therapeutic solution. That is why these companies have to deal with n number of customers. They can have multiple clients being served at one single time in different locations of the nations.


The major difference between the two is their working process. Manufacturing companies offer production facilities to multiple pharma companies for various formulations. Plus, they acknowledge the A to Z procedures for pharma production. It is quite a complex model of business having several departments under one roof. On the other hand, pharma marketing company focuses only on the promotion of various product ranges or brand valuation in the market. The process is simple but has a vast vine-like a network. Promotion and marketing can take in any form like a vast tree.  


The competition for the pharma manufacturing companies is less as compared to the pharma marketing companies. There are many pharma companies that are emerging with different therapeutics and formulations that make marketing difficult. Whereas manufacturing companies manufacture the compositions as per the demand of the client.


The good manufacturing company needs to fulfil the requirement of experience for more than 4 years to show their excellence in the field, whereas marketing company does not need high experience. Quality of medicines is an essential part of In this case, what matters are the quality products and efficient promotion techniques.


The marketing company does not need to have any certification, but the manufacturing company requires heavy certification for quality assurance. The manufacturing company must adhere to the standard units like ISO, WHO, DCGI, GMP, GLP, FSSAI, etc. Certification from these units will enhance the reliability and authenticity of any manufacturing company.


Both the manufacturing and marketing company need to have drug license for production and selling medicines and pharma products. But, manufacturing companies are bound to restrictions and compulsory certifications and approvals from government and different organization. This speaks volume for company professionalism and authenticity. In many cases, marketing companies in pharma, does not require much to invest in certification. If it a brand value, many people don’t notice much about it.

Scale of Business

The turnover of manufacturing companies is higher than in marketing companies. Since the expenses of manufacturing are more, profit earning is also high. Whereas in marketing there is no extra cost that affects the earning.

Service Type

The allocation of services is also different for both types. Pharma manufacturing company is centralized, meaning thereby they provide services in different parts by sitting at one place. On the other hand, the marketing company has to cover different parts to serve and earn. They have to search for their customers.

Profit Margin

Manufacturing companies earn more profit margins as compared to the marketing company. They facilitate their customers with varied rates of production for different therapeutics and formulations. Whereas, a marketing company cannot impose different rates to its clients. They have fix prices of medicines, the rates may differ only for the shipping at different places.


Looking at your need, the services are catered by pharma companies PAN India. Some companies offer both marketing and production solutions on Third party and Contract manufacturing basis. Maksun Biotech is one such leading company to offer you both the services at reasonable investment plans.